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What's up?

I've been working deep in the trenches of both Java and Nodejs projects, and switching context between the two has deepened my appreciation for their differences and also amazed me at how differently and yet so eloquently they go about handling their business. It has opened up my imagination of how the strengths found in one can help design better solutions in the other. This dichotomy is what I hope to capture in these articles here, as I unravel my thoughts.

V's fresh take!#

I cannot proceed without first taking my hat off for the V-language. V-Lang apparently is not well known (purely based on the scarcity of information about it online), but it's a delight to try out. It's syntactically close to Go, and borrows quite some semantics from Rust. It's not garbage collected, it has a very small core (it's actually quite possible to get the hang of it in one evening), and it is refreshing to use. I plan to explore the language further here as well

About frameworks#

I will try to always steer away from frameworks unless it's absolutely necessary or only when the framework is most suitable to drive a point home. Frameworks are opinionated (they have to, plain and simple), and people will love or hate a framework for just about any reason, and this is a turf I do not want to waddle into - that's a battle best left for those with something to gain from their strong opinions.

If I have to use any frameworks to expound on a concept, then I will make a determination at that point on which ones will best serve in articulating the concept. This choice will by no means be an endorsement of the frameworks or a supposition that they are in any form or shape better than other alternatives out there.

Watch this space